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18th-Nov-2009 03:01 pm - I hardly use LJ anymore...
Baron Vik
which is OK.

We are doing major renos to the house before the snow hits. The back door is in and done and soon I will tackle the front door. It should look good.

Work is done for me until Feb. - unless another mystery contract shows up, which it won't. So I'm working on the house. I have some people coming to give us a quote on siding & windows - should be expensive.

And I have not really done any SCA stuff, which has been fine. I think I'm busy with other stuff.

There you have it.
20th-Dec-2008 10:21 am - Stuff
Baron Vik
I am having a fun time at this years end. Michelle and I totally revamped the living room with a couple of shelves and a tv stand thing from IKEA. It covers the whole back wall of our living room. Then we went out and bought a TV - a 50" Plasma TV.

YAY! That's my reward for watching my old 27" for 10 years.

So the living room looks pretty good. And hockey games in hi-def are awesome. I know that in my quest to remain active that TV isn't helping, but I have wanted a nicer looking shelving unit for the living room and a nicer TV for a while. Plus the DVD just piled on the floor was bugging me. And hockey in hi-def is awesome.

So as part of the Christmas gifts for Michelle I bought a front load washer and dryer. Our old washer was leaking and the dryer was squeaking. So they are out and new Whirlpool Duet Sport are in. I got a good deal and had them delivered. Michelle and I set them up and did a test run and are they ever quiet. I think doing laundry will not suck any more. Kevin and I took the old washer and dryer outside. They are still sitting in the foot of snow we got, and will likely remain that way until summer. Oh well.

So the last bit of the year was good for my company. Because I got to work some of the shifts I had the ability to spend some money on the house. We are slowly getting it into shape and making it look like adults live there instead of college kids : ) Money man Lance helped me put my books into order, and although there is some stuff about Quick books I don't understand, it's coming together. I have to do company taxes soon which should be OK - I will owe a bit but overall we are looking good. And getting all star employee Tuk into the picture was the best idea ever! He has been a total plus from the get go. I need to pick up a couple more people like him and I will be rolling.

I'm looking forward to 2009.
25th-Oct-2008 06:12 pm - Denmark - Here comes the Vik
Vik Pimp
SeaTac airport for a little layover and then a 9 hour flight to Denmark. I have been wanting to go there for a long time and now it's gonna happen. Can't wait. I'll try to take lots of pictures.
23rd-Jul-2008 06:43 pm - Work
So by now the word is out that the Vik has started his own Safety company - Viking Safety Consulting Inc. What started off as a venue to employ myself has grown and so today I hired my first employee. I hope they are the kind of person I think they are, and I think they will fit into the plan awesome. I asked her what she wanted for a wage and she said 25 - I told her I'd pay her 30 an hour. The look was priceless. I'm not much of a bullshitter and I want her to be happy with working. I want to be the type of employer that takes care of its employees. I need to hire two more people by Sept.

Things are taking off in leaps and bounds - I'm a bit nervous but not really scared. I guess I was blessed with an opportunity and I want to try and make it work. There is a lot of work so I hope I can continue to expand the company. I hafta get some laptops and eventually get a company vehicle (I saw an Audi R8 today, but that may be a bit outside the pricerange right now :) )
20th-Jun-2008 02:22 pm - Update
Charlie Brown
In case you hadn't heard, I created a new company. It's called Viking Safety Consulting Inc.

It's based on the contract work I do for companies regarding their Health and Safety policies. Mostly it means I get more work and at way more money.

I got my Inc. done on Friday the 13th ; ) , and also have my WCB and insurance, so it's all legit. I have a bank account , a GST number, a B/N and a brand new contract with 2 different companies. So it's all up and running, and AFAIK I start Monday out at TransAlta shutdown. Which is good, because so far all I have done as a company is spend money. Be nice to start making it.

Yay - I'm excited now and most of the fear I had in starting this thing is gone.

So here's to being your own boss!
27th-May-2008 07:55 pm - Fuck this guy is dumb. And so am I.
Baron Vik
So at work there is an extra special worker I'll call Al.

Al likes to come into the office and raise his voice about whatever problem is currently pissing him off. In any other company he would be told to stop, but here in our company we just ignore him. Talk as loud as you want Al, raise the roof.

Al likes to pick his nose and fart around with his broken drill for the entire duration of the safety talk I'm giving on Safe Work Procedures. Then he likes to rant at me for half an hour about how no one in the company is as safety conscious as himself, demanding that I make time for him to come to the office and tell me what's wrong with the safety manual. In any other company Al would be written up with management fully supporting that paper trail, but here in our company I'm told it's harmless. Go hard Al, push those boundaries.

Al likes to not be around for the safety talk on Fall Protection. Fuck it, right. Paperwork just drags the job out. He'll use the 2 minutes that forms would have taken to yell at the safety guy for removing the fall harnesses dated older than 5 years. They're still good, and Al knows more about safety because he worked in the oilfield before this. In any other company Al would be reprimanded for not making the monthly safety meeting. Here in our company I'm told to forget about it... no big deal.

Al likes to punch holes in the back door of the shop. No one says shit about it. Why, because Al has also shown up to work bleeding from the hand having just punched the window out of a car, dragged out the driver who cut him off, and beat him senseless. WTF? In any other company Al would be GONE. But in this company Al is told to fix the holes. We don't have a formal violence policy at work, so no one says shit. Except the safety guy and fuck him! Al knows more than him anyway, right?

Al likes to come into work and say he's going to kill himself. But he's done it lots before so why would anyone think it's a big deal. Just because he has the date picked out and all. And when the safety officer gets the Union to inform Al of their employee help hotline, Al threatens to quit because it's a violation of his rights. WTF x 2 ?!?!
In any other company Al would be getting help or hitting the road. But in this company Al is told not to quit, given his job back, and the issue gets unresolved.

I can't figure out why I stay here really.

Must be to get sued personally when all this goes horribly awry.
15th-May-2008 12:56 am(no subject)
Baron Vik
This is the purse lid I made for Einar (from down south). It's getting dropped off at Crown this weekend. Hope posting the picture doesn't ruin the surprise. It has been taking up a lot of my time, so I'm glad it's done. Not sure if I will make another any time soon.

Purse Lid

9th-Mar-2008 09:19 pm - Coronets
Baron Vik
Here is a shot of the Coronet once I got the front Griffins off. Pretty Gross. NEVER EVER USE BRASSO to clean anything you care about - or toothpaste either. I planned on removing the "Cowboy Roping" around the bottom and sides. It's a bit dated, not to mention beat to hell. I was gonna replace the side roping with silver panels and set amber stones.

Here is a shot of one of the large Amber stones. Out of the 4, two were fractured into 4 pieces and one in 2 parts.

Once they were apart it went pretty quick. Here is a shot of the finished Coronet.

All in all I think it's an improvement visually.
6th-Mar-2008 03:32 pm(no subject)
Baron Vik
I have to rebuild the Avacal Coronets. It's long overdue, some of the stones are busted and they have been "Brasso-ed" which isn't good. I hope when they're done they will look like new.
21st-Feb-2008 08:41 pm(no subject)
It's been a while since I made anything new. Mostly because my elbow bugs me, but I have some new things on the go. So here are pictures of the cups I made for Estrella.

Sven's Cup
Sven's Cup
2008 Sterling Silver, Horn, Bronze, Copper.
Sven's Cup Bottom
Sven's Cup Bottom
2008 Sterling Silver, Horn, Bronze, Copper.
Aaron's Cup
Aaron's Cup
2008 Sterling Silver, Horn, Brass.

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